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IVORY Interiors by Elise Bloom is a boutique multidisciplinary design firm based in Central Israel.

From layout planning to custom furniture and lighting design, Elise is able to tailor any space to meet her clients' requirements.

Drawing on her Australian design sensibilities Elise believes in clever planning and detailing, using beautiful and often natural materials and above all else restraint to create luxuriously livable spaces.

After working in the industry in Israel for over a decade Elise has collected a handful of the top professionals in the field in order to achieve her and her clients' desired results.


Whether it be a total renovation or a new kitchen, Elise's strong foundation in design coupled with her keen intuition mean that every project becomes part of the desired design narrative.


With her attention to detail, her Anglo background and a little Israeli chutzpah she is able to bring her clients' dream space to life!

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IVORY Interiors

 by Elise Bloom


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